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Please be advised as part of the headcount reduction plan from Fort Hills Leadership Team it has been decided to remove the Recreational Coordinator at Mount Logan Lodge being offered by Horizon North Camps and Catering. These services will cease Monday the June 5th, 2023, and we will endeavour to assist with smooth transition for all guest at the Lodge.


As guests, how will this impact you and what will change? The only items that will not be available is group classes run by the Recreational Coordinator and Personal Training.


Below we have listed the current services and what will be available.




The theater will be available to watch movies, shows and sports events which will be a self-managed service. There are instructions in the theater room to watch your choice of shows from the cable channels through Telus, or through other great streaming services being Netflix, Crave, Disney and Prime.


The theater will be open from 6pm to 11pm each day for your viewing. If you wish to book the theater for group bookings for meetings or to watch your favourite movies or TV series, please liaise with Front Desk and Horizon North Management team and we can organise this for you and your work colleges.


Group Classes


While actual group classes run by a Recreational Coordinator are not available. There is the opportunity to have Yoga, Core and Spin classes through the Apple Fitness App provided in the Spin Room and Yoga Room. Simply follow the instructions and use the IPAD located in the Yoga or Spin Room to activate the desired class you wish to do. You can do it in a group or individually, just ensure you coordinate with other guests that may be interested.




The schedule for utilizing the gymnasium will be posted, as it currently is, but it will be up to the guest to self-manage the time slots for using the sporting equipment. Be courteous of other guests that want to use the facility. It will be up to the guest to set up and dismantle the equipment such as pickle ball, badminton nets and ball hockey goals. Please ensure you be respectful of the equipment storerooms and keep them tidy for use for everyone.

Outside Sporting Activities


All outside sporting activities will be self-managed including Soccer, Basketball and Softball. Please ensure you put the equipment in the storage bins once finished.


Softball League


All teams are in for each crew, the schedule is completed through to August and the equipment is already out. Bases will not be nailed down so please be aware of this as well as limited services to grounds maintenance to be provided at the discretion of NPA for the field.

There will be times where days will have to be switched due to weather, safety meetings or player availability. Please ensure you communicate with each team and information will be emailed out separately to the softball teams highlighting the schedule and contacts.


Special Events


For all theme holidays such as Halloween and Christmas where you and your team would like to do things like pumpkin carving or gingerbread houses. It will be up to yourselves to self-manage and organise this event. Horizon North can facilitate an area set aside for you to have fun and participate but this will be self-managed. Email Front Desk and Horizon North Management team will coordinate.


Nutritional Information


All nutritional information on each dinner menu service can be found on the Horizon North website Mount Logan Lodge | Dining ( The information is also available in a binder at front desk. This is all in PDF currently with Horizon North launching a web-based software platform later this year which will provide additional details.



We would like to thank you for your support on this transition and any additional questions please feel free to reach out to o the Horizon North team, who can assist with information you require.


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