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Dining Hall Hours Are as Follows:


Hot Breakfast:              3:30-8:00 Daily

Hot Dinner:

Monday - Thursday:     15:30-21:30

Friday - Sunday:            15:30-21:00

The Mug Up Area is open 24 hours and offers soups, salads, delta meals, and more.

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Before Entering the Dining Hall, Please Review the Posted Rules

  • Food from the Main Dining Hall is not permitted to be packed up to-go. Please use the Mug Up Area for any to-go food.

  • Do not bring outwear (jackets, hats, etc.) or bags (backpacks, purses, etc.) into the Dining Hall.  Please leave them in your guest rooms while utilizing the Dining Hall.

  • Reusable food containers are not permitted in the Dining Hall, with the exception of water bottles and travel mugs / cups.


Reminder to regularly clean all reusable travel mugs / cups and water bottles.

Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

** Please Note:  Nutritional Information is Temporarily Unavailable.  The Software is Undergoing Maintenance.  We Apologize for the Inconvenience.

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